The Country Yossi Show 20111025


It's the Country Yossi Show for Tuesday, October 25th, 2011!

This week, Country and Heshy are joined by your humble podcaster Mike Pollock for their special feature: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Country Yossi Show Podcasts But Were Afraid To Ask Because You Thought The Answers Would Be Too Long And Boring, And From The Sound Of It, You Were Probably Right.

Somehow, the boys still managed to squeeze in your phone calls and give away a Grand Prize or two!

Plus, Dov Shurin checks in with the latest news from Israel, but don't let that spoil your enjoyment of the program.

The Country Yossi Show 20111011


It's The Country Yossi Show for Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

Tonight, the tale of a broken watch leads Country Yossi to give a special shout-out to two of Boro Park's finest upstanding merchants:

And Country's new best friend:

  • Ervin Leitman Watch Repair, 1682 53rd Street, Days: 718 744-7711 / Evenings: 718 435-0810

Plus, speaking of watches, Dov Shurin is watching the latest news from Israel, and Country and Heshy find the time to hand out a Grand Prize or two.

Next week, The Country Yossi Show takes time off for Chol HaMoed Sukkot, but join us in two weeks (or a fortnight, if you wanna be fancy) for a special visit from your humble podcaster Mike Pollock, who'll answer all your Country Yossi Show Podcast questions (which, if you're already reading this on the Country Yossi Show Podcast page, you may already know the answers to).

The Country Yossi Show 20111004


It's The Country Yossi Show for Tuesday, October 4th, 2011, the first show of 5772.

Just when you thought the New Year was off to a great start, The Country Yossi Show takes to the air once again. Ah, well. Into every life a little rain must fall. (And onto every gefilte fish a little chrain must fall!)

And as we start to mark off the dates on this year's calendar, Country has a different type of dating on his mind. He's joined by Yael Respler, PhD, to discuss the Shidduch crisis. Dr. Respler is determined to turn the World Wide Web into the World Wide Wed with the introduction of her new website: If you're unlucky in love, or just want to help those that are as a Shadchan, don't delay, sign up today! Your Bashert is waiting for you somewhere.

Once again, from Country, Heshy, and your faithful podcaster, Mike, a Gut G'bentsch'd YahrGut Yontif, have an easy fast, and don't forget to start writing 5772 on all your checks!