The Country Yossi Show 20120424


Better late than never, we always say -- especially when technical difficulties make Country and Heshy seven minutes late for airtime. But once things got underway, Country lightened the mood with some lighthearted remarks about his time in the army, and his time as an artist.

Next up, a little sefira-friendly a capella music from who else but A.K.A. Pella, it's Mi Bon Siach.

 And as if that wasn't enough, we later heard the title track from The Yeshiva Boys Choir's latest album: Amein (Acapella)

Finally Dov Shurin came under attack. He was on the line to tell us all about it. Oh, and we also took your phone calls and crowned some Grand Prize Winners.

The Country Yossi Show 20120417


Country and Heshy kicked off tonight's show with some Pesach memories and some witty observations on tax time and idiocy.

Then, it was a quick segue to a Country Yossi cover: Lev Tahor's a capella recording of "Deaf Man In The Shteeble."

Next, it was onto your phone calls to see if any Grand Prize Winners were hiding there.

Later, while Dov Shurin did his afikoman impression (he had a very good excuse, as you'll hear), a little more a capella music: The Yeshiva Boys Choir's "Ah Ah Ah (Ashrei)."

Without further ado (exactly what is "ado," and why shouldn't we have any more of it?), we heard the latest news from Israel with Dov Shurin. And what month would be complete without Rosh Chodesh Bentsching with Yossi's father, Chaim Toiv?

The Country Yossi Show 20120403


Tonight Country Yossi began by cracking wise about all things tonsorial. No, no, don't send the kinderlech out of the room. That's just a fancy word for hairdressing.

Then it was time to welcome his special guests: Yossi Newman and Eli Gerstner, who brought us the latest news about The Yeshiva Boys Choir. We also heard some cuts from YBC's latest album:

After releasing five hit albums, and four successful YBC Live! DVD's, what could be next for The Yeshiva Boys Choir? How about acappella? That's right! This Sefira season, from the minds of producer/songwriter Eli Gerstner and conductor Yossi Newman, comes YBC "Amein," the very first ever YBC acappella production. If you think you know YBC, think again. This new album takes a cappella to a whole new level. What kind of songs are on this album? First off are theree brand new tracks, including the title track which, according to Eli, is one of the most leibidige, coolest songs he has ever written. Another new song featured on the album is called "Al Naharos Bavel", a hartzige nigun Eli wrote during The 3 Weeks. Next up, of course, is the smash single that took the world by storm "Ah Ah Ah" and some other hit songs from Eli's various other projects (like The Chevra’s Ess Ponecho & Odcha). Eli is no stranger to acappella. His last acappella album, "The Chevra Acappella," is one of the greatest acappella albums out there today. So this Sefira season, why not be the first to experience a whole new level of acappella with YBC’s "Amein"?

Oh, yeah. And we managed to squeeze in some shailes for a chance to win a YBC CD.

Just like chometz, you'll want to keep Country Yossi out of your house during Pesach, so we're off until at least next week, if not longer. Watch this space, Facebook and Twitter for updates. Until then, a Zissen Pesach to you and yours!