The Country Yossi Show 20131028


You may not be able to bank on your bank, but you can always count on Country Yossi and Heshy "The Wonder-Child" Walfish to give you a laugh on The Country Yossi Show, the show for Zev Brenner fans who turn the radio on too early. Tonight, the boys bantered about banking.

Sorry, the show wasn't over yet, but the wedding was, as "Mitzvah Dance (The Wedding's Over)" was our Country Yossi Musical selection.

Then came the shailes. And we thought we sprayed to get rid of those!

It's the home stretch in the race for City Council, and candidate David Storobin checked in to tell us more.
And then some more shailes, including the biggest shaile of all: who calls in the with the latest news from Israel? It's Dov Shurin! (Speaking of things we thought we sprayed for!)
Can't go a week without shailes? Play The Country Yossi Show Home Version with a copy of Rabbi Moshe Atik's Torah Teasers.
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The Country Yossi Show 20131021


The Government Shutdown may be over, but that doesn't mean Country Yossi looks like he's back at work.

Join him and Heshy as they wax comedic about Yossi's wife, and look back at Country's baseball playing past.

Then we cleansed our palates with a little Country Yossi music: "I'm Proud to Be a Part of Am Yisroel."

Next up, some shailes, lifted gently from the pages of Rabbi Moshe Atik's Torah Teasers. These questions are so tough you'll need to run to the butcher to get them tenderized!
Then Dov Shurin was back in Yisroel, calling in with the latest news. And here's the video he was talking about:
A little more Country Yossi music: "Oh Yankel."

And then just for good measure, a few more shailes to take us home!

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The Country Yossi Show 20131014

It's Columbus Day, so please indulge us as we wax poetic. "In 5774, Country Yossi was back for more...." As a special tribute, we've electronically degraded the audio quality of the furst couple of minutes of this podcast to simulate the way Columbus would've heard it if he was listening to the radio in 1492.

The Country Yossi Show glitch-free streak ended after only a week back in the city as the program was inevitably delayed a few moments by technical difficulties. Thanks for all the phone calls from concerned listeners, but not the handful of people who said they preferred the assorted electrical buzzes instead of the actual program.

Once Country and Heshy got things under way, we got a healthy dose of Good Advice.

Then we had a healthy dose of Country Yossi music, in the form of "When Moshiach Comes."

Next came some shailes, courtesy of Rabbi Moshe Atik's Torah Teasers.
We had another in-studio visit from Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel...
And another phone call from New York City Council candidate David Storobin with an update as we count down to the November 5th election.
Mr. Storobin is the cover story in the latest issue of Country Yossi Family Magazine, which hits the streets on Friday. Country Yossi, on the other hand, will hit the street whenever he trips on his shoelaces.

See you next week!

The Country Yossi Show 20131007


[tap tap tap] Is this thing on? Hey, look what we found! It's The Country Yossi Show, back in the city for another season of music, manic excitement and mind-boggling meshugass! Country and Heshy swept the cobwebs out of their 13th Avenue studios, but not out of their heads, so listen to find out if Country remembers the phone number, and if Heshy remembers how to run the board.

The fun began with Country reliving some painful childhood memories, and some observations on the stock market.

We then cleansed our palates with some Country Yossi Music: "Shteeble People."

Next up, before we could bar the door, Dov Shurin showed up for an in-person visit! But he didn't just sit there like a lump -- he answered a shaile! Then we took a call, because that's just what you'd expect us to do! And those shailes came from Rabbi Moshe Atik's Torah Teasers.

Then, since Dov Shurin was already here, he gave us some of the latest news from Israel.

After that, New York City Council candidate David Storobin gave some thought-provoking answers to Country Yossi's questions.
We took a few moments to share a Mazel Tov or two, and mark the passing of Rabbie Ovadia Yoseif ז״ל.

Then, we wrapped things up with Dov Shurin's hit single, which you can enjoy as a YouTube video:
Join us next week for another hour out of your life that you'll never get back!