Never Heard Before! It’s the Kivi & Tuki Vol 6 COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS Sampler!


You've read about it, you've heard about it... now you can hear just a bit of it before its March 7 release! Just hit the button! Check out the full announcement by clicking here!

The Country Yossi Show 20140204


Country Yossi began by talking about hanging out with his friend Jim Nasium. No. that's not right. He was actually talking about working out at the Gymnasium, and other weighty issues.

The we took a break for some Country Yossi Music: "I Will Follow Him."

Next came our first helping of shailes, as taken from Rabbi Moshe Atik's Torah Teasers.
Did you know this is the last Country Yossi Show for the next three weeks? Country and Heshy are skipping town for a bit. Dov Shurin will be sitting in, as well as bringing us the latest news from Israel, as he did tonight.
Country swapped his cowboy hat for his weather man hat to give us the details on tonight's Winter Storm Warning. If you get snowed in and still have power, you can pass the time listening to old shows from our vast archive. If you lose power, you can, um, listen by candlelight!

The Purim issue of Country Yossi Family Magazine is due to be released March 7. Wanna be in it? Call 718 851-2010. Wanna read it? You can do so in print, or in the Country Yossi Family Magazine Digital Archive.

How about a second helping of CY Music: "Learning Together."

Dov Shurin returned to remind us about the heartbreaking story of six-year-old Rafael Elisha Meir Cohen, and his battle with brain cancer. To learn more and be part of this great mitzvah, read this Communtiy Magazine article For more information, call  Devorah at 469 230-8779.

We wrapped things up with some more shailes, then beat a hasty retreat before it was too late.

See you March 4!