Country Yossi Family Magazine Issue #196 / Vol 27 No 6



Our heavily intellectualized, slightly homogenized, completely disorganized Purim concoction has once again escaped! It is armed, legged and dangerous! If you see it on the street approach it with caution, pick it up gently and bring it home at your own risk! Featuring exclusive behind-the – scenes inside dope and never before revealed reportage of incredible events heretofore unknown in the history of incontrovertible controversy. Filled with irony, pathos and alliteratus profundus you will swoon with delight and sway with mental inebriation and physical prevarication as your neural synapses crackle with pre-frontal energy and your corpus colossus vibrates in concert with the primal, inscrutable, sturm un drang of nature until ….whatever!

In other words PICK UP A COPY before they disappear like Korach!