A Brief History of the Inane Kars 4 Kids Jingle You Can’t Get Out of Your Head

Enjoy this spectacular article about Country Yossi's connection to one of the most pervasive earworms of our time!


A Brief History of the Inane Kars 4 Kids Jingle You Can't Get Out of Your Head

Atone Again (Naturally)


As the holiest of High Holy Days approaches, we take a moment to share a bit of musical levity....

Atone Again (Naturally)

Performed by Marc Hoffman and the Bungaloafers

Lyrics © 2016 by Mike Pollock

Music by Gilbert O’Sullivan


Oh We had Rosh Hashanah last week

And so now it's forgiveness I seek

It’s time for HaShem to once again

Reopen that book He keeps

I hope that he’ll inscribe

My name  there in-side

So like ev'ry Jew

On Yom Kippur who

Says for what I’ve done wrong I’m sorry

I’m standing in the shul, which is full of people praying

It might seem tough, but sure enough

It’s where I’ll be ohmeining

The shofar will be blown

I know I’m not alone

Atone Again, Naturally.

The Hazzan is the first to pray

With a mournful Kol Nidre

I skip drink and food, shlug kapores, too

Wear sneakers and don’t wash my face

And before the sun goes down

Five times I’ll be shteeble-bound

I’ll be davening till the evening

Though my soul is torn to pieces

All the day is spent

In repentance and confession

Tzedakah goes to those in need

Out of my posession

You know where I’ll be

This yontif join with me

Atone Again, Naturally

I start to realize

There’s a lot of awful things I’ve done

Folks I’ve offended

Though unintended

What did I do?

What did I do?


Atone Again, Naturally


And so at this time ev’ry year

While it may bring a lot of tears

It keeps me and my wife in the Book of Life

With the kinderlach I hold dear

But it’s all about the soul

The spirit that keeps us whole

For we understand what Hashem commands

And He never can be forsaken

Though our year may start

With our hearts so badly broken

You’ll never hear complaints from me

When sacred prayers are spoken

For one entire day

Repent, confess and pray

Atone Again, Naturally

Atone Again, Naturally