Country in the Country 20150719


It's a summer heatwave, and along with the oppressive heat, we have an equally oppressive visit from Country in the Country!

As we're in The Nine Days, we shared two pieces of a capella music from Ari Goldwag:
Then came the shailes from Country Yossi, and the answers to the latest news from Israel with Dov Shurin.

Then more shailes and more a capella music from Ari Goldwag:
And two from Eli Gerstner & The Chevra:
Then came some gevaldigeh Divrei Torah from Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss.
A last minute Grand Prize attempt, and then we were off for Tisha B'Av! Have an easy fast, and we'll see you in two weeks!

Country in the Country 20150712


Aaaaaand we're back. Country Yossi has finally returned to The Country. Just like the swallows returning to Capistrano. Or the return of your annual summer heat rash.

Since it's the Three Weeks, real music can't return until after Tisha B'Av, so we kicked things off with a little a capella action from Lev Tahor and a Country Yossi classic:

Then came the straining stirs stirring strains of County Yossi himself and "These I Remember..."

Up next , Country dusted off the shailes, so please excuse a little hustn. Then a little more a capella music from Lev Tahor:
Followed by a little a capella news from Israel with Dov Shurin.
And then some more of your calls, and a little more a capella music from Lev Tahor:
Another call, another a capella song...
Finally some reminiscences and Daf Yomi wisdom from Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss.
And that was that! We'll see you next week. Remember, if you missed any information about Country Yossi's Gevaldigeh Sponsors, you should be able to find them in this handy interactive map.

Country Yossi Family Magazine Issue #198 / Vol 28 No 2

Our sizzling hot, perfectly balanced summer issue,precisely timed to coincide with the summer solstice (more or less) arrives neatly wrapped in a glossy cover topped by a soft to the touch lacquered finish complete with staples and abundant newsprint to satisfy even the most demanding and sophisticated reader! But only if you pick up a hard copy! Otherwise you will have to settle for this cheap cyber copy knockoff! Hope you enjoy it!

Wishing you all a safe, happy, healthy, altogether wonderful summer!

See ya on the radio!


But wait, there's more in our Country Yossi Family Magazine Digital Archive!

Country Yossi Family Magazine Issue #197 / Vol 28 No 1

Celebrating an iconic literary milestone, an historic new woodshed  in publishing and unfortunately for an unsuspecting public, the 27th anniversary issue of our estimated publication we are porous to present this pre-Pesach pouperrie of poultry pauperism! (Please forgive our auto-correct errors-it seems a piece of whole wheat bourekas fell into my i-pad!)
To celebrate, we decorate two staples with paper and print worthy of a prince! This landmark issue is guaranteed chometz-free, non-gebruks and actually printed in under 18 minutes!
Due to a paucity of editorial content it can also unfortunately be read in less than 18 minutes!
Be that as it may, we heretofore and forthwith probably president our 197th conservative issue of Countries Yossi familiar magazine in the belly that all men are created equal (except that some are more equal than others!)
Hope you enjoin!

Country Yossi Family Magazine Issue #196 / Vol 27 No 6



Our heavily intellectualized, slightly homogenized, completely disorganized Purim concoction has once again escaped! It is armed, legged and dangerous! If you see it on the street approach it with caution, pick it up gently and bring it home at your own risk! Featuring exclusive behind-the – scenes inside dope and never before revealed reportage of incredible events heretofore unknown in the history of incontrovertible controversy. Filled with irony, pathos and alliteratus profundus you will swoon with delight and sway with mental inebriation and physical prevarication as your neural synapses crackle with pre-frontal energy and your corpus colossus vibrates in concert with the primal, inscrutable, sturm un drang of nature until ….whatever!

In other words PICK UP A COPY before they disappear like Korach!

DADDY BLUE sung by Avner Levy


We’ve been watching the sad news on TV and hearing about it on the Radio, and as the current unrest in Ferguson, Missouri shows, even absent (perhaps especially absent) a clear picture of exactly what went down, people are all-too-ready to jump down a cop’s throat whenever something goes tragically wrong.

When you watch the DADDY BLUE video, you’ll see and understand what is almost never publicized, never considered, is the humanity of the cop; his life – his world – his family – his children. We routinely ask these brave public servants to go out every day and put their lives on the line; most often without a thought to the possibly tragic consequences of even the most seemingly innocent of interactions with an often unpredictable public. Yet go out they do.

The song, “Daddy Blue” movingly depicts this too-often unacknowledged other side of the equation.

By purchasing the Daddy Blue song (audio / please click here, you’ll help send a portion of the proceeds to the Policeman’s Widows & Orphans Fund.

Remember: DADDY BLUE is dedicated to the courageous men & women in BLUE who make the world a SAFER PLACE FOR YOU.

For more info, contact us at: -

Country Yossi Family Magazine Issue #195 / Vol 27 No 5


Country Yossi's long awaited, eagerly anticipated, highly venerated uberspectacular Chanukah issue arrives just in time for your holiday shopping! Jam packed with price-buster, gift-giving specials and other assorted Gevaldiger Metzios you'll recoup twice the cover price in no time at all!  Oozing like an overstuffed jelly donut with inspiring, informative and exclusive reportage, this issue headlines the star-studded HASC 28 concert at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center! Sizzlin' like a fresh potato latke this copious compendium features the latest releases from Uncle Moishe, Benny Friedman,Mitzvah Blvd, the Weinreb Bros and Heshy Lowy among others! So pick one up today before you're completely left Latkeless!

Country Yossi Family Magazine Issue #194 / Vol 27 No 4

Country Yossi's eagerly awaited Sept/Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur/Sukkos issue floods the streets in a veritable tsunami of literary abundance! The inundating, out gushing deluge begins with the heart-warming tale of a young little-league pitcher who was told by the umpire to remove his Tzitzis! What happened next will warm the cockles of your heart! The torrential Niagara continues with Torah, advice, inane shmoozes and a profusion of captivating, inspiring articles you just wont find anywhere else!

So grab a copy today or read it online before they're gone like last years geklopteh Shainis!

Country in the Country 20140817


It's the last Country in the Country of the summer. Finally! Awwwww....

First we have to let you know, if you haven't already heard, about the winners of the Sullivan Renaissance Awards, originally announced last Monday. The winner of the $10,000 Community Mitzvah Award went to Camp Bnos Ahavas Israel in Liberty for beautifying its facility. Second place award of $5000 went to Khal Divre Chaim Bungalow Colony in Kauneonga Lake; while third place of $3000 was awarded to American Theological Camp in Kiamesha. Camp Simcha in Glen Spey received a special $5000 “Award of Excellence” as a role model for all institutions in Sullivan County. This contest included ten camps and bungalow colonies in Sullivan County. The three judges from outside the county were: Rabbi Joel Schwab of Middletown, Mary Lewis of Cornwall and our own Country Yossi Toiv of Brooklyn.

As for the show, we kicked of as usual with some Country Yossi music: "Shteeble People."
And then the calls and even more music: "Save Maftir for Me."
And then more calls, followed by Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel.
We kicked off the second hour with some Kivi & Tuki music: "A Very Special Man."
Up next: Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss and his gevaldigeh divrei Torah
And just as quickly as it began, it ended!

Have a wonderful rest of the summer. Join us again in the city for The Country Yossi Show, and Country Yossi Family Magazine. Find out more about them right here as events warrant!


Awards Ceremony Held at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

[BETHEL] – Hundreds of people attended the two hour Sullivan Renaissance Awards Ceremony on Monday, August 11, as almost $150,000 in grants and scholarships were awarded to winning communities throughout Sullivan County.  The ceremony returned to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, this time in the Event Gallery.

The Phillipsport Community Center received the Golden Feather, a $25,000 grant presented by NYS Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther.  It was given to one of five large community projects that exhibited the highest level of excellence by incorporating beautification as part of a long-term strategy.  The Village of Jeffersonville received the second place Silver Feather Award of $10,000.  The Rock Hill Fire Department and the Rock Hill Business and Community Association got the $5000 award for the community’s planning efforts.

The winner of the $10,000 Community Mitzvah Award went to Camp Bnos Ahavas Israel in Liberty for beautifying its facility.  Second place award of $5000 went to Khal Divre Chaim Bungalow Colony in Kauneonga Lake; while third place of $3000 was awarded to American Theological Camp in Kiamesha.  Camp Simcha in Glen Spey received a special $5000 “Award of Excellence” as a role model for all institutions in Sullivan County.  This contest included ten camps and bungalow colonies in Sullivan County.  The three judges from outside the county were: Rabbi Joel Schwab of Middletown, Mary Lewis of Cornwall and Country Yossi Toiv of Brooklyn.

Flower awards went to eleven communities this year. 

Dynamite Youth Center was recognized with the “Best Overall Showing of Flowers Award” of $5000.  Judges were impressed by the overall number of gardens, planters and displays; an abundance of color, texture, unique combinations and liberal use of Sullivan Renaissance 2014 collection; innovative designs, including vertical plantings, and the scale of gardens that were appropriate for the size of the buildings and wall spaces; the appropriate mix of perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees to create a year round appeal while encouraging pollination for sustainability; good use of native and non-invasive plants; and thoughtful and reflective signage that entices the visitor to explore and enjoy the multiple gardens.

Other communities receiving $1000 Judges’ Choice Awards for flowers included: CCE Master Gardeners for  the “Best Use of the Sullivan Renaissance Collection;” Liberty United Methodist Church for the “Best New Garden in an Urban Setting;” Long Eddy Renaissance for “Best Innovative and Historical Community Display” and St. Peter’s Regional School for the “Best Creative Use of Color.”

A special “Best Showing of Flowers Award – Maintenance” of $5000 was given to Narrowsburg Beautification Group – for “wowing the judges” with its multiple gardens.   Judging criteria was based on an abundance and variety of colorful flowers, number of gardens, complexity of design and the variety of plants used.  A $3000 award for the “Best Single Garden” went to the Sullivan County Visitors Association. 

Four other communities receiving $1000 Judges’ Choice Awards – Maintenance included: Callicoon Business Association for “Vibrant Use of Color in the Business District;” Hurleyville-Sullivan First for “Beautification Efforts in All Aspects;” Livingston Manor Renaissance for “Consistently Maintained Gardens” and Neversink Renaissance for “Unifying Their Community with Flowers.” 

Grants – ranging from $1000 to $25,000 – were awarded to projects in Categories A, B and C.  Some projects were also recognized with Special Awards for history, youth engagement and environmental stewardship.  All of the communities that completed projects received a grant based on the size of their category, as well as certificates of recognition from Sullivan Renaissance and area legislators.

Category A projects are made up of single elements such as a new sign or hanging baskets.  This category was made possible, in part, through the sponsorship of WVOS/WSUL.
First place ($3000)
• Swan Lake Fire Department – Firehouse Sign Garden
Second place ($2000)
• Roscoe Presbyterian Church – Church Landscaping
Third place ($1000)
• Lake Huntington Fire Department – Memorial Garden

SPECIAL AWARDS – Sponsored by Sullivan County Democrat
Best Youth Engagement ($1000)
• Liberty United Methodist Church – Church Landscaping (Phase III)
Historic Preservation ($250)
• Liberty Museum & Arts Center – Museum Façade Enhancements

Category B projects are made up of multiple elements such as park enhancements.  This category was made possible, in part, through the sponsorship of Thunder 102/Bold Gold Media.

First place ($10,000):
• Dynamite Youth Center – Landscaping and Sign Garden
Second place ($7000):
• St. Peter’s Regional School – School Landscaping
Third place ($5000):
• Roscoe Rockland Chamber – Revamping Main Street

SPECIAL AWARDS – Sponsored by The River Reporter
Best Youth Engagement ($500 each)
• Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners – Centennial Entrance Garden
• Dynamite Youth Center – Landscaping and Sign Garden
• Roscoe Rockland Chamber – Revamping Main Street
• St. Peter’s Regional School – School Landscaping
Environmental Stewardship ($500)
• Roscoe Rockland Chamber – Revamping Main Street

Category C projects are at multiple locations that incorporate beautification as part of a long-term community wide strategy.  Awards in the category were presented by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther.

Golden Feather ($25,000 grant):
• Phillipsport Community Center – Phillipsport Beautification
Silver Feather ($10,000):
• Village of Jeffersonville – Backyard Park Enhancements
Planning Award ($5000):
• Rock Hill Fire Department/Rock Hill Business Assoc. – Firemen’s Field Beautification

SPECIAL AWARDS – Sponsored by Kristt Company
Best Youth Engagement ($1000)
• Rock Hill Fire Department/Rock Hill Business Assoc. – Firemen’s Field Beautification
Environmental ($1000)
• Long Eddy Renaissance – Hamlet Beautification
Historic Preservation ($1000)
• Swan Lake Renaissance – Stone Castle Garden

The Phillipsport Community Center project will be on display during a “Golden Feather Celebration” on Saturday, August 23.  Contact Sullivan Renaissance for more details.

Sullivan Renaissance beautification projects were judged for aesthetic improvement, collaboration, youth involvement, permanence and an ability to be maintained.  The team of eleven judges from outside Sullivan County included: Diane Blair, Nicole Franzese, Donna Harrison, Michael Newhard, Linda Onofry, Peter Patel, Nancy Proyect, Odette Sabourin-Dumais, Karen Schneller-McDonald, Ann Smith, Deborah Sweeton and Michael Sweeton.

Before introducing the communities in the Maintenance Support Program, horticultural coordinator Diana Weiner introduced members of the design panel that reviewed gardens during the application process.  This year’s panelists included: Marietta Beanland, Peg Berg, Maureen Charde, Kathy Davidoff, Caroline DeWilde, Susan Dollard, Gay Donofrio, Kathy Fielding, Kate Honders, Jarna Maniguet, Laurie McFadden, Denise Patti, Nancy Schunk, Danuta Skorulska, Irene Stover, Barbara Sush and AnnaLise Vogel.

Diana Weiner also recognized the garden centers and nurseries that sold the Renaissance Collection of plants.  They were: Delaware Valley Farm Home & Garden in Callicoon, Laurel Grove Greenhouse in Port Jervis, Liberty Home Garden & Pet, L & M Greenhouses in Bethel, Manza’s Family Farm in Montgomery, Monticello Farm Home & Garden, Monticello Greenhouses, Inc. and Vita’s Farm & Garden in Jeffersonville.

The Maintenance Support Program provided financial support and technical assistance to established groups with a history of Sullivan Renaissance projects.  Participants received up to $1000, a Merchant Discount Card, Flower Dollars, Bulb Dollars, assistance in organizing volunteer help, additional funding for infrastructure improvements, and other technical and gardening help. 

Eleven participants had multiple garden locations: Callicoon Business Association, Hurleyville-Sullivan First, Liberty Community Development Corp., Livingston Manor Renaissance, Mountaindale Action Committee, Narrowsburg Beautification Group, Neversink Renaissance, White Sulphur Springs Sullivan First, Woodbourne Action Committee, Woodridge Kiwanis and Wurtsboro Renaissance.

Eleven participants had single garden locations: Smallwood-Mongaup Valley Fire Department in Bethel, Town of Mamakating Park in Bloomingburg, St. James’ Episcopal Church in Callicoon, Sullivan County Visitors Association in Ferndale, Highland Lake Fire Department, Sullivan County Historical Society in Hurleyville, Bethlehem Temple Church in Monticello, Hudson River Healthcare in Monticello, Yeshiva Zichron Meir in Mountaindale, YMCA of Sullivan County in Rock Hill and Woodridge Housing Authority.

The Sullivan County Community College Foundation awarded two full time scholarships of $1000 to volunteers involved in Sullivan Renaissance projects who are attending SUNY Sullivan.
• Brittany Fuller of Livingston Manor – SUNY Sullivan
• Madison McCormack of Jeffersonville – SUNY Sullivan

The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan Counties awarded eight Sullivan Renaissance scholarships to volunteers who made a significant contribution to a Sullivan Renaissance project.  These scholarships to the college of one’s choice are of various amounts up to $2000. 

• Taylor Goudreau – Wurtsboro/Mamakating – Binghamton University
• Meaghan Hazen – Lumberland – SUNY Brockport
• Andrea McKerrell – Lumberland – SUNY Cortland
• Jordan Mirch – Long Eddy – Delaware Valley College
• Amanda Rosenberger – Callicoon – SUNY Oneonta
• Kane Sauchuk – Swan Lake Renaissance – Binghamton University
• Peter Vorstadt – Highland Lake Fire Department – York College of Pennsylvania
• Mathew Young – Mamakating Town Hall/Historical Society – SUNY Plattsburgh

The 2014 interns are: Joseph Aiken, Hannah Bisland, Celina Castellano, Blake Costa, Collin Frost, Britanny Fuller, Taylor Goudreau, Jane Hyman, Matthew Kerendian, Madison McCormack, Jordan Mirch, Ronj Padu, Sabrena Smith, Djani Torres and Manual Valentin.  Program assistant Jennifer Avila helped to coordinate the intern program.

Volunteer coordinator Cara Kowalski introduced members of the Sullivan Renaissance Volunteer Corps.
• First Year Members: Debra Cortese, Tamara D’Antoni, Melissa DeMarmels, Margaret Dryer, Ray Evans, Karen Kerendian, Regina LaCatena, Beth Mastro, Kelly McCowen, Steve Melendez and Rosemary Sherman.
• Second Year Members: Melinda Cormier, Marjorie Evans, Michelle Guidera, Mary Mancuso, Daniel McCormack, Meaghan McCormack, Diane Moss, Margaret Rubin and Eric Schramm.

The ceremony began with the playing of “Do Something Good” by Barry and Ken Somerville.  Sandra Gerry recognized dignitaries and thanked participants for the work they are doing.  Sullivan County Legislative Chair Scott Samuelson thanked everyone for their contributions.

Project recipients received certificates of excellence from Sullivan Renaissance, as well as individual certificates from U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S. Representative Chris Gibson, NYS Senator John Bonacic, NYS Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, NYS Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney and the Sullivan County Legislature. 

As groups accepted their certificates, photographs of each project were displayed in a power point presentation created by Colleen Emery, using photographs taken by Jason Dole and the Renaissance staff or submitted by the participants.  Photographer Jonathan Hyman captured the award presentations on film.  The event was planned by Saraid Gonzalez, who also created the program with design help from Helen Budrock.

Before the ceremony, attendees viewed displays of the projects and enjoyed the music of the Somerville Brothers.  Refreshments included desserts supplied by Erin Lipsky and staff at Granite Associates. 

Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation.  For information about Sullivan Renaissance, contact 845-295-2445 or