Country in the Country 20150802


The Three Weeks are over, so let the music begin again! Unfortunately, the closest thing we have to music is from Country Yossi and the Shteeble-Hoppers, with favorites like "Seven Little Kids

And just to be sure Country Yossi didn't have a monopoly on the post-Three-Weeks return to music, we were thrilled to share:
From Murray Goldwag's new album Murray the Sock Man Sings Yiddish Melodies

As the show progressed, we heard Dov Shurin's latest news from Israel
Then more CY&TS-H music, "Bubba Basra" and "When Moshiach Comes":

Up next, Yossi was joined in studio by Allen Frishman, the Seasonal Program and Community Consultant for Sullivan Renaissance who manages their Community Mitzvah Award Contest and the Seasonal Demonstration Grant Program

Here's what he was talking about:
The public is invited to honor the volunteers who are beautifying communities throughout Sullivan County at the 2015 Sullivan Renaissance Awards Ceremony on Monday, August 10.  There is no admission cost. 
The ceremony is being held in the Events Gallery at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts on Hurd Road in Bethel.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m. with light refreshments; the program begins at 6:45 p.m.  The facility is ADA compliant and simultaneous translation into Spanish will be available.
Community organizations are now finishing their work at 54 beautification projects throughout Sullivan County.  To find out how to get involved with a community group, call Sullivan Renaissance at 845-295-2445. 
The Awards Ceremony will recognize all of this year’s projects and award additional grants between $1000 and $25,000 to those judged the most successful in completing their beautification efforts.  The winner of the contest for seasonal communities will receive Community Mitzvah Awards of $10,000, $5000 and $3000. 
Scholarships for Sullivan Renaissance volunteers will be announced by the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan Counties, and the SUNY Sullivan Foundation.  Members of the Sullivan Renaissance Volunteers Corps and the Bilingual Advisory Committee will be recognized, as will young people who participated in the intern leadership program. 
The winning video in Sullivan Renaissance’s first video contest will also be shown.  New York City film director Ben Younger headed the panel of judges that awarded $1000 to an original video telling how Sullivan Renaissance has impacted people, organizations and communities.
Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation.  Sponsors include Bold Gold Media Group/Thunder 102, FisherMears Associates, Kristt Company, Robert Green Dealerships, Sullivan County Democrat, The River Reporter, Thompson Sanitation, and WSUL/WVOS.
For information and to RSVP, contact 845-295-2445 or
And then lots more Country Yossi music, like "Cover of the Jewish Press," "Phantom Of The Shteeble,"Hello Mameh":

And "Aleh Yidin":

Last but certainly not least, Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss phones in with his Gevaldigeh Divrei Torah.

And if you want to know what it would be like if radio had pictures, watch Rav Weiss's video on! Specifically, Q & A With Rav Moshe Meir Weiss At Irgun Shiurei Torah 5775
Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Fortunately, mediocre things like Country in the Country must come to an end, too. Join us again next week!

The Country Yossi Show 20140311

While most of the country switched to Daylight Saving Time over the weekend, Country Yossi switched to Airtime Saving Time, resulting a delightfully short show this week.

First, we heard some thoughts on politicians.

Then some Country Yossi Music: "Shabbos Goy."

Then a visit from Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel
And then.... nothing! Thanks for the quick visit. See you next week!

The Country Yossi Show 20140304


Welcome back after three weeks! Did you miss us? No? We don't blame you.

Country Yossi and Heshy "The Wonder Child" Walfish got back into the swing of things by speaking of public speaking, and Yossi's tough old neighborhood.

Then a little Country Yossi Music: "The Little Old Lady Named Pessy Deena."
Don't forget, as we've mentioned in previous posts, Kivi & Tuki Vol 6 Count Your Blessings and the Country Yossi Family Magazine spectacular Purim Issue both hit the streets this Friday!

We heard a sneak preview of the new Birchos Avicha CD and MP3 Album by Asher Barkin and L.Y.D. Orchestra

As regular as clockwork (thanks to the Metamucil), Dov Shurin checked in with the latest news from Israel.

And we re-visited the debut CD by Dovid Moskovits, Shalom.

Now, is there anything we're forgetting.... oh, yeah! Your calls! Well, you can't have everything. Better luck next week!

Tonight's show is sponsored in part by:

Country in the Country 20130818


It's a very special edition of Country in the Country! You might think of it as "The Country Yossi Instant Record Collection!"

While Country Yossi is out of town, we kept his seat warm for the last Country in the Country of 2013 with an assortment of Country Yossi music and Classic Calls.

If you want to have any or all of Country Yossi's recordings for your CD collection, or if you need to fix that wobbly table leg, or you're running low on drink coasters, they're all available below, for your purchasing convenience.

We also had visits from Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel, Rabbi Chaim Prussman with The Beth Shfra Report, and some gevaldigeh Divrei Torah live in-studio from Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss.

We'll see you soon back in the The City. From Country, Heshy, and your faithful podcaster, Mike, Gut Yontiff in advance, L'shanah Tovah in advancehave an easy fast even farther in advance, and don't forget to start writing 5774 on all your checks!

[Can't see the CDs in your podcast player? Check them out on the web.]

Country Yossi
and the

Click the Titles to Order!

  1. 'Cause I'm A Jew
  2. The Cholent Song
  3. Rabbi Black
  4. Speak To "Hashem"
  5. Then He Potched Me
  6. Little Kinderlach
  7. Big Bad Moish
  8. In The Year...
  9. The Rabbi
  10. Peel One More Potato (For The Kugel)

  1. Modeh Ani Lefanacha Melech
  2. Lukshin Kugel Eater
  3. Nebich Of The Shteeble
  4. A Boy Named Zlateh
  5. Moishe Shmeel
  6. Oh, My Yerushalayim
  7. Shlomo
  8. Ahvaira
  9. Make-Believe
  10. The Shteeble-Hop

  1. Kurrybone
  2. Shabbos Wine
  3. One Daf A Day
  4. Beep-Beep
  5. Along Came Moish
  6. Shteeble People
  7. Tick-Tock (Al Tomar)
  8. Save Maftir For Me
  9. Seven Little Kids
  10. The Interview

  1. Sholom
  2. Deaf Man In The Shteeble
  3. Runaround Jew
  4. My Little Yingeleh
  5. Hello Mameh
  6. The Cover Of The Jewish Press
  7. When Moshiach Comes
  8. Phantom Of The Shteeble
  9. Bubba Basra
  10. Chicken Soup

  1. I Will Follow Him
  2. The Tiny Old Shteeble
  3. The Ballad Of "Fetteh Shmeel"
  4. Mitzvah Dance (The Wedding's Over)
  5. The Big K'nocker
  6. Learning Together
  7. Little One
  8. Sholom Ber
  9. I Wanna Go Home
  10. The "Minyan" Song

  1. Sing, Zadie, Sing
  2. Aleh Yidin
  3. Those Were The Days
  4. He's Coming Closer
  5. I Can Still Remember Yesterday
  6. These I Remember
  7. Oh, The World
  8. My Yaytzer Hura Says
  9. I Am A Sheep
  10. Pakt Zich Ein

  1. Oh My Yerushalayim
  2. Big Bad Moish
  3. Seven Little Kids
  4. Deaf Man In The Shteeble
  5. Beep Beep
  6. The Rabbi
  7. Cholent
  8. Tick Tock
  9. Nebich Of The Shteeble
  10. Hello Mameh
  11. Phantom Of The Shteeble
  12. The Big K'nocker
  13. Mitzvah Dance (The Wedding's Over)
  14. Little Kinderlach

  1. Introduction
  2. Yentl Feet In Yard
  3. Bayla Nemesis
  4. Fishel Wet Pants
  5. Rivky Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Dov Shurin News From Israel
  7. Country Yossi & Heshy
  8. Malky Flies & Wasps
  9. Freida & Yogi King Zog
  10. Tzippy Amazon River
  11. Riazy Numbskull
  12. Zundel Air Conditioner
  13. Genenbdle 5 Boros
  14. Conclusion

  1. Oh Yankel
  2. I Am The Flower
  3. Bashert
  4. Boro Park
  5. Rav Shmuel and the Myrtle Twig
  6. Seven Shabbos Candles
  7. The Little Old Lady Named Pessy Deena
  8. Shabbos Goy
  9. Good Morning Klal Yisroel
  10. There Is a Place
  11. I'm Proud to Be a Part of Am Yisroel
  12. Somewhere Moshiach
  13. Elan Elan
  14. Poseiach

Country in the Country 20130804

Tonight’s show was mercifully shortened by some strategically placed technical difficulties. But thanks to Country Yossi’s never-give-up spirit, the show did go on for a few spectacular moments. Here are the highlights. Don’t step away from the podcast or you might miss it entirely.

After sputtering to life with the playing of Country Yossi and the Shteeble-Hoppers‘ “Nebich Of The Shteeble….”

…we had an informative, inspiring and all-too-brief visit from Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss and his gevaldigeh divrei torah.
…until suddenly Reb Moshe launched into his brilliant Marcel Marceau mime impression. Okay, we’re kidding. More technical difficulties reared their ugly heads.
And that’s when Country threw in the shmatteh for this week. Join us again next week when we make up for lost time, maybe with a special expanded edition. And after polishing off an entire pot of cholent, Country Yossi’s waistline will also appear in a special expanded edition!

The Country Yossi Show 20121112


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Heshy "The Wonder Child" Walsfish was rendered completely speechless. Not! Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, Heshy was ranting like it was going out of style, touching on such hot topics as the Hurricane response, the election results and government in general. Sit back and listen to the sparks fly.

Eventually, Country Yossi was able to get a word in edgewise and proceeded to launch into an endurance test of doctor jokes. Can you survive the assault?

Looking for the perfect Chanukah gift? Country Yossi has the perfect suggestion: the new book from noted author Barcha Goetz, and master artist Yeshaya Suval:
Then it was time for a little Country Yossi music:"The Rabbi."

Then, before we had a chance to busy-out the phones, Dov Shurin called in with the latest news from Israel.

Up next: Rosh Chodesh Bentsching with Yossi's father, Chaim Toiv, who's currently resting comfortably in Maimonides Medical Center. Please keep him in your thoughts. 

Finally, Heshy chimed in with his Chanukah gift suggestion: The new CD from Moshe Dovid Weissman:

We got to hear the first cut, the very catchy "Mikdash Melech."
Now, what's the only thing we have left to do....? Oh, right! Take your phone calls! Sorry, the show was so action packed, there was no time for such frivolity. Better luck next week, eh?

The Country Yossi Show 20111213


It's The Country Yossi Show for Tuesday, December 13, 2011!

Tonight, Country and Heshy welcome Jewish music great Isaac Bitton, a.k.a. Raya Mehemna.

Isaac Bitton is back with his new album Generation Redemption. Continuing on his path of fusing powerful soulful cues along with Moroccan Roll and AndalBlues, Generation Redemption is a melodic treat for those looking to rock or be moved.

And just when you thought things couldn't get any more spectacular, who should call in but Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel! It would have been earlier news, but we were backed up with Isaac.

No time for regular shailes this evening, so feel free to make up your own.