The Country Yossi Show 20130422

April 22, 2013

Country Yossi didn't keep us waiting, starting the show by sharing his struggles with weight.

Sefira continues and so did the a capella music from Kol Achai and A.K.A. Pella.

Thanks to a problem with his flight, Dov Shurin surprised us with a live in-studio visit!

As Heshy mentioned, Efrat Klein is a 25-year-old single Israeli citizen who is suffering from kidney failure and desperately needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible. She can only receive a kidney from a live donor and has been waiting for one for the past two years, separated from her family at home. Efrat's mother, Anat, who is here with her, missed her other daughter's wedding because she cannot leave Efrat's side. Efrat cannot survive long-term without a transplant and must be on dialysis every four hours.  If you have type B or type O blood, and meet certain other specific criteria, you will be a potential donor. Whether or not you are a possible donor, please help us spread the word about Efrat's situation.  For additional information, contact Renewal at: or (718) 431-9831, ext. 311 (patient reference #R453)

And even with all that going on, we still managed to squeeze in a few phone calls worth of shailes.

If you haven't won a Grand Prize yet, we have a lovely consolation prize for you: the gift of two free Monday as Yossi heads out of town for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can create your own home game of The Country Yossi Show by asking yourself shailes, or you can just sift through our radio show archive.

See you May 13!