Podcast Tips and Tricks

October 22, 2016
  • If you're reading this, you've obviously found your way to the main podcast page, but did know you can also listen to the podcasts by going to CountryYossi.com and clicking on the Radio page? There, if your web-browser’s up-to-date,  you’ll see the fancy-schmancy podcast player where you can scroll down and click on almost any show, both from the City and the Country, going all the way back to 2010.
  • Here on the main podcast site, at countryyossi.podbean.com, you’ll see links along the right side of the page ---> that let you go directly to a specific month so you can find an old show that way, or you can use the Search box, to look for a specific guest or topic.
  • You’ll also see a list of Categories on the right side. ---> To keep things neat and tidy, each show is categorized. Most normal shows, (if you call that normal) went into the Shailes category, for the regular quiz-type episodes, but there’s also a Pesach category, when the show was devoted your Pesach shailes, and a Purim category, which I used in 2011, for example, when Country turned the show over to Yitzy Bald and The New York Boys Choir. There’s also what might be the most useful category to so many listeners, which is the No-Show category. That’s reserved for posts explaining why the show didn’t air on a particular night, due to either a planned or unplanned absence.
  • Also at Podbean you can also take advantage of some of the bonus features, such as the ability to rate each episode, on a scale of one to five stars. We haven’t figured out how to add negative stars, but the boys in tech support are hard at work on that.
  • You can also leave comments on each episode, both positive and negative, and start a little dialogue with your fellow listeners. Obviously, we prefer the positive, but these days, we’ll take whatever we can get.
  • There’s also a handy link on the right side ---> called When’s Yontif?, which links you to an online calendar with any upcoming holidays listed for your convenience.
  • Now that’s all lovely, but the real magic of podcasts is ability to subscribe to them, which means, basically, you’ll get new posts delivered right to you, without lifting a finger. All the links you’ll need are right there on -- you guessed it! -- the right side --->, in the Subscribe section. If you have an Apple iDevice, like an iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can use the Add to iTunes button and it’ll show up in your gadget automatically. If you have an Android or other device you can also add the show to your favorite podcatcher or feed reader, which will pull the posts off the web automatically so it’ll be waiting for you as soon as it’s ready. I use Feedly on my computer, and Pocket Casts on my Android phone, but there are many options available to suit your needs, and Podbean has links to several of them.
  • Whenever we add a post to Podbean, we also post it on the wall of Country’s Yossi Toiv page on Facebook, so all his virtual friends will know about it.
  • And that’s pretty much it. If you have any questions, you can Contact Me through Podbean, and I’ll do my best to help.

--Your humble podcaster, and "Man of a Thousand Voices," Mike Pollock