The Country Yossi Show 20120131


Country and Heshy kick off tonight's program with a topic that bears great interest: Banking! You should check it out. On second thought, maybe saving your own time would be your best investment.

Next, it's some Kivi and Tuki music: "Hamalach:"

And then, an it's exclusive rare recording from Yossi's father, Chaim Toiv.

Amidst all the shailes and Grand Prize Winners, we have a visit from Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel.

And, please mark your calendar, sundial, datebook, smartphone, PDA, or dust on the dashboard for The Country Yossi Show's new time slot starting next week: Tuesdays from 7 PM to 8 PM on WSNR, or right here on the podcast an hour or so after airtime.

And did you pick up a copy of the February issue of the Country Yossi Family Magazine? No? No wonder we have this extra copy lying around. Go pick it up today!

The Country Yossi Show 20120124


Country began tonight by reflecting on his long and checkered employment history and other shtiklech, before launching into some Country Yossi music: "Bubba Basra."

The he dove headlong into your calls in his never-ending search for Grand Prize Winners. Without spoiling the excitement, yes, there were a few, but not one of them actually won a Grand! Vos iz?

And Dov Shurin checks in from Eretz Yisrael with all the latest news.

Don't forget the February issue of the Country Yossi Family Magazine comes out this Friday, featuring a cover story about up-and-coming musical superstar Heshy Goldstein.

The Country Yossi Show 20120117


Tonight, after a little comedic reminiscing about Country Yossi's school days, Country and Heshy find they have nothing better to do than to take your calls, so if you have nothing better to do than to place a call, it's a perfect match!

But wait, there's more! Like Rosh Chodesh Bentsching with Yossi's father. It's like we say in the radio biz, "Wow, what a deal!"

Don't miss the February issue of Country Yossi Family Magazine, coming out January 27th, because your parakeet is tired of reading the January issue at the bottom of his cage.

The Country Yossi Show 20120110


Tonight, Country and Heshy go nuts with wall-to-wall shailes.

And Dov Shurin shares the latest news and comment from Israel.

Beyond that, what more can I say? I got nothin'. But if you have any suggestions, add them in the comments section.

The Country Yossi Show 20120103


Tonight, it's a whole lot o' Heshies as Country Yossi and Heshy "The Wonder Child" Walfish welcome musical sensation Heshy Goldstein!

What can we say about Heshy G. and his new album,  Shomer Yisroel? Well, you'll read all about it in the next issue of Country Yossi Family Magazine, but for now,  just visit Heshy's website: for more information, to preview the songs, and of course, purchase the product.

And what Country Yossi Show would be complete without a visit from Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel, and of course, your phone calls? Not this one, that's for sure!