The Country Yossi Show 20130114


Country and Heshy started the show by shooting their mouths off about gun control. Tune in next week for the debut of their new point-counterpoint topical talk show: Hannity Yossi and Hesh Limbaugh.

Then we learned that the building has been sold right out out from under out boys. So what better reason to kibitz about landlords?

Who wants a little Country Yossi music? (we've  been asking ourselves that very question for years.) We heard "Nebich Of The Shteeble."

Then came a flood of calls of Biblical proportions, for 40 minutes and 40 seconds.

Dov Shurin stepped in and parted the sea of calls long enough to deliver the latest news from Israel.

Then came a plague of Country Yossi music: "The Little Old Lady Named Pessy Deena."

The boys even found time to give away some gevaldigeh Grand Prizes. And for our alter listeners, Great-Grand Prizes.

Then the boys wrapped things up by kvetching about the weather, but not doing anything about it.

Mark your calendar and join us next week. Or, if you use a really thick black marker you can totally obscure the date so you'll forget about it and do something more productive with your Monday evening.

The Country Yossi Show 20130107


It's the moment we've all been dreading waiting for:  The return of  Country Yossi, as he catches us up on his five week outage, rife with agony and ecstasy, and then riffs on restaurants.

In case you weren't on the exclusive guest list for the wedding of Country Yossi's youngest daughter, you can at least enjoy a sample of the reception's musical playlist: "Mitzvah Dance."

Remember, Country, you're not losing a daughter, you're gaining more debt from the simchaMazel tov!

Yossi also marked his return with the disbursement of some gevaldigeh Grand Prizes, and a visit from Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel.

We also continued the 27-year tradition of hearing Rosh Chodesh bentching from chazzan Chaim Toiv ז״ל.

Don't fail to miss our next mind-boggling episode!