Country Yossi Chanukah Issue

Country Yossi's Spectacular Chanukah issue featuring 40 years of Camp HASC and a Star-studded ensemble of Jewish music artists like Avraham Fried, Ohad, Eighth Day, Diaspora Yeshiva Band, Benny Friedman, Abie Rottenberg and Boruch Levine!
We spotlight Ari Goldwag's red hot new album "Am Echad" and give you an advance preview of Mitzvah Blvd's new "Wonders of Hashem" DVD!
Of course the all new Z Report covers all musical bases as usual!

The Country Yossi Show 20131118


And now, live from 13th Avenue, it's The Yossi Dangerfield show! What are we talking about? I tell ya, Country Yossi don't get no respect!

After that alleged comedy, some palate-cleansing Country Yossi music: "Make-Believe."

Then the calls came fast and furious -- Yossi hung up on them fast, and the callers were furious! Tonight's super-challenging shailes once again came from:
Next, since the CD was stuck in the player. some more Country Yossi music: "Shteeble-Hop."
Moments later, Dov Shurin brought us the latest news from Israel.
Finally, you'll want to stay tuned 'til the very end for the suspense-filled surprise ending! Will there be a shut out? Will Yossi shut up? Can Heshy keep up? And.... what about Naomi?

Check your favorite merchant for the Chanukah issue of Country Yossi Family Magazine, which escapes from the printers on Friday. As President Obama says, "If you like the Chanukah issue of Country Yossi Family Magazine, you can keep ;the Chanukah issue of Country Yossi Family Magazine."

See you next week!

The Country Yossi Show 20131111


After an all-too-brief hiatus, The Country Yossi Show returned, as Yossi and Heshy cracked wise about being a salesman and being in school.

What could top that but some Country Yossi music! "The Ballad Of 'Fetteh Shmeel'."

Then it was time for some shailes, as stolen from found in Rabbi Moshe Atik's Torah Teasers.
Who wants more music? We've got that! The straining stirs stirring strains of "Boro Park!"

Then Dov Shurin took advantage of his insomnia to check in with the latest news from Israel, live from the middle of the night!

Then back to the shailes, some more CY Music: "Somewhere Moshiach," and a few more calls.

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