Country in the Country 20120715

July 15, 2012
Warning: Tonight's show is suitable for adults only -- as opposed to all the other shows which are barely suitable for anyone!

We began tonight's show with A.K.A. Pella's "Greatest Medley Ever."

 Then it was an onslaught of shailes interrupted only briefly for a little more a capella music: Lev Tahor's "The Ninth Man."

Suddenly, in walked the pattern-breaker, in the form of Dov Shurin, with the latest news from Israel.

Then again with the shailes. And again with the a capella music. A.K.A. Pella's "Yuffing Else Matters."
More shailes, more a capella music: "In A'Vinkele" by Lev Tahor (feat. Rivie Schwebel).
Then a bissel more shailes, and that about wrapped it up. Join us again next week, because we seem to be coming apart!