Country in the Country 20120722

July 22, 2012
Tonight's show is rated NC-16  -- no children under 16 are permitted to call. So bring 15 of your friends.

It's The Nine Days, so your phone calls are front and center on tonight's show with no qualifying questions.

We began with some Country Yossi cover music: Lev Tahor's a capella recording of  "Deaf Man In The Shteeble."

Rabbi Chaim Prussman phoned in with the Beth Shifra report in the first hour, then Dov Shurin had his moment to shine with the latest news from Israel in the second hour, not once but twice!

Also in the second hour, Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss graced us with his in-studio presence to tell us all about Siyum HaShas 2012. Will we see you there?

Remember, no show next week because it's Tish'a B'Av, so have an easy fast, and we''ll see you in a fortnight -- or in two weeks, if you're not a British aristocrat.