Country in the Country 20130630

June 30, 2013

Just when you thought you were having a relaxing summer, Country Yossi invades The Catskills with another season of Country in the Country!

Since we're in The Three Weeks, we kicked things off with some a capella music: "Gam Ki Eilech" from The Chevra's Chevra Acapella CD.

Then Dov Shurin checked in with the latest news from Israel.

Next, the flood of information continued as Country was joined by New York City Council Candidates David Storobin and Joseph Hayon to hear about their campaign platforms.

One more bit of a capella music followed from Chevra Acapella: "Mimkomcha."

And Country was giving out Grand Prizes like they were going out of style.

It's almost enough to make you want to tune in again next week, so we'll see you then!