Country in the Country 20130811

August 11, 2013

Rebounding from a barrage of technical difficulties last week, Country Yossi promised that tonight would be better. And despite his presence, the last live show of the Summer didn't disappoint!

We kicked things off with a Country Yossi-style song parody: the Summer favorite (Podcaster's note: at least it's mine, since I wrote it) "Is This the Way to Monticello" by Marc Hoffman and the Bungaloafers.

Then Dov Shurin checked in with the latest news from Israel.
Next a call or two, followed by some Country Yossi Music: "I Will Follow Him" and "The Tiny Old Shteeble."

Also we heard the latest from New York City Council candidate David Storobin,

Up next, more Country Yossi Music:"Mitzvah Dance (The Wedding's Over)"

A little more of the calls, and a little more of the Country Yossi music: "Seven Little Kids."

The excitement rolled on with a visit from Rabbi Chaim Prussman and the Beth Shifra report.

Don't say Country never did anything for you. By request, we heard "Big Bad Moish."

Who could possibly follow that but Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss and his gevaldigeh divrei torah.
Be sure to join Reb Moshe next week as he sits in on a special edition of Country of the Country. Country will be out of town, but we'll hear an assortment of Country Yossi's Classic Calls and of course, Country Yossi music.

Tune in then for a whole lotta laughs!