Country in the Country 20140713

July 13, 2014

The Summer Fun continues, except for the two hours or so of Country in the Country! But let's overlook that little detail as we kicked things off tonight with some Kivi & Tuki music: "There is a Bracha."


And then came the phone calls, and some Country Yossi music: "Oh Yankel."


And then Dov Shurin checked in with the latest news out of Israel.

More calls, more music... "Shteeble People."


Who wants some more Kivi & Tuki music? How about "Who Knows One?"


Then Yossi loosened his collar and took some more callers. Then another summer Sunday tradition: Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss and his gevaldigeh divrei Torah.

And then some more Country Yossi music: "Little Kinderlach."


And that was almost it. But before we go, be sure to check out the latest weather forecasts from the National Weather Service as storms are a' brewin', and don't forget that Country Yossi will be among the judges as ten seasonal bungalow colonies and summer camps take part in a six-week long Community Mitzvah Award contest this summer, sponsored by Sullivan Renaissance. Three top prizes worth $10,000, $5000 and $3000 will be awarded to the participants that best clean-up and maintain their grounds and improve the look of their facilities.

Participants include:

  • American Theological, summer camp in Kiamesha
  • Camp Bnos Ahavas Israel, summer camp in Liberty
  • Camp Mesivta Eitz Chaim, summer camp in Parksville
  • Camp Simcha, summer camp in Glen Spey
  • Camp Tashbar, summer camp in Liberty
  • Far Site Bungalows, bungalow colony in Monticello
  • Ichud Hatalmidim, bungalow colony in Monticello
  • Khal Divre Chaim, bungalow colony in Kauneonga Lake
  • Machne Gila, summer camp in Liberty
  • Skolya Bungalows, bungalow colony in South Fallsburg

The contest began last month with participants making improvements to their grounds. Each camp is then observed on a weekly basis by data takers who record what can be seen from the road. The sites will be visited by a team of judges from outside Sullivan County in August and the winner announced at the Awards Ceremony on August 11.

All the participating camps and colonies will receive a $500 seed grant, and those that finish the contest will get a completion grant of $500. Each participant also receives two planting containers with flowers and instructions, which must be maintained throughout the contest. 

Campers and/or staff are also required to participate in an educational presentation and orientation by Sullivan Renaissance staff. All the participants will then be treated to kosher ice cream provided by an approved vendor for all the children involved in helping to maintain the property’s cleanliness.

Last year saw five participants in the contest, which was won by Skolya Bungalows on Route 42 in South Fallsburg. The goal of Sullivan Renaissance is to help guide communities to improve their visual standards.

For information about all of Sullivan Renaissance’s seasonal programs, visit