Country in the Country 20150712

July 12, 2015

Aaaaaand we're back. Country Yossi has finally returned to The Country. Just like the swallows returning to Capistrano. Or the return of your annual summer heat rash.

Since it's the Three Weeks, real music can't return until after Tisha B'Av, so we kicked things off with a little a capella action from Lev Tahor and a Country Yossi classic:

Then came the straining stirs stirring strains of County Yossi himself and "These I Remember..."

Up next , Country dusted off the shailes, so please excuse a little hustn. Then a little more a capella music from Lev Tahor:
Followed by a little a capella news from Israel with Dov Shurin.
And then some more of your calls, and a little more a capella music from Lev Tahor:
Another call, another a capella song...
Finally some reminiscences and Daf Yomi wisdom from Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss.
And that was that! We'll see you next week. Remember, if you missed any information about Country Yossi's Gevaldigeh Sponsors, you should be able to find them in this handy interactive map.