Country in the Country 20150816

August 16, 2015

It's that time of the week when you regret not having fixed the off button on the radio, but the silver lining to that dark cloud is that it's the last Country in the Country show of the summer!

We began with that old chestnut "Big Bad Moish," from that even older chestnut, Country Yossi:
And one of Country Yossi's Classic Calls, "Genenbdle 5 Boros":
And a couple of tracks from NCSY's The Jewish Version, for which Yossi wrote the lyrics, "Bezras Hashem" and "HeyThere Gedalya":
After a call, some more Country Yossi music, "Peel One More Potato (For The Kugel)"
Then the latest news from Israel with Dov Shurin,
who again mentioned his new favorite book:
Another Classic Call? Sure! How about "Yentl Feet In Yard":
And then some more CY Music: "Kurrybone":
Which brought us to another call, a little break, and "When Moshiach Comes":
Again with the calls? And again with the music? This time it's "Bubba Basra":
And the callers wouldn't stop! Neither would the music. "Hello Mameh":
And there's still room for more music? "Seven Little Kids":
And we switched gears for the arrival of Rabbi Moshe Meir Wiess and his gevaldigeh Divrei Torah.
As the minutes ticked by until the end of the show, we heard "Tick Tock":
A final call and the 2015 summer season was in the history books, and right here in the online archive. See you somewhere soon!