Country Yossi Family Magazine Issue #195 / Vol 27 No 5

December 12, 2014

Country Yossi's long awaited, eagerly anticipated, highly venerated uberspectacular Chanukah issue arrives just in time for your holiday shopping! Jam packed with price-buster, gift-giving specials and other assorted Gevaldiger Metzios you'll recoup twice the cover price in no time at all!  Oozing like an overstuffed jelly donut with inspiring, informative and exclusive reportage, this issue headlines the star-studded HASC 28 concert at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center! Sizzlin' like a fresh potato latke this copious compendium features the latest releases from Uncle Moishe, Benny Friedman,Mitzvah Blvd, the Weinreb Bros and Heshy Lowy among others! So pick one up today before you're completely left Latkeless!