Off The Wall: Proportionality

July 23, 2014
While I was watching and listening to the gnashing of teeth and wailing and moaning about mighty, powerful Israel’s disproportionate response to the current, ongoing campaign of terror being waged against it, by the poor, downtrodden Arab civilians, it suddenly occurred to me… they are right!
Let’s examine the situation logically. This latest madness began in earnest with the kidnapping and brutal murder of three innocent young Yeshiva boys, involved in nothing more dastardly than trying to get home to their loving families for Shabbat.
What is the impact on the Jewish people of these horrific crimes – crimes which are only one step on the road towards the oft-unambiguously-stated ultimate goal of annihilating the State of Israel along with the entire Jewish world population?
Well here’s where the math comes in.
The total number of Jews in the world is approximately 14,000,000, whereas the total world Muslim population stands at 2,080,000,000.
So if we were to respond proportionately, for every Jew killed, we should kill 149 Muslims. (1 divided by 14 million times 2.08 billion.)
As of this writing 27 Israelis have died. If we responded proportionately there would be 4,023 dead Muslims.
Everyone for proportionality – raise your hands.