The Country Yossi Semi-Show 20110411

April 11, 2011

In another special pre-Pesach spectacular, Country Yossi welcomes Rabbi Dovid Heber, editor of the annual STAR-K Passover Directory, and Ronnie & Larry Birnbaum of J Drugs to answer all of your Pesach shailes.


...well, at least after the first half-hour of "Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!" "Hello? Is this thing on? Hello? Hello!!" "We're experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by." But we took that part out, leaving a show about the size of the afikoman.

So, is this podcast כשר לפסח? Are you kidding? It's got BEAN right in the web address, and that means it's very likely kitniyos. Just to be safe, we'll be off for the next couple of weeks. A Zissen Pesach to you and yours, and we'll see you after Yom Tov.