The Country Yossi Show 20120214

February 14, 2012

Tonight, Country kicked things off by subtly reminding us that he'll be emceeing the "A Jewish Star" international singing competition. Join him and  judges Avraham Fried, Mendy Pellin, Eli Gerstner and Yossi Green for a one of a kind concert at Brooklyn College on March 19th, which will feature performances by all the semi finalists before both the adult and child winner will be named. Learn more at And listen next week for the chance to win tickets! Then, after regaling Heshy with the tale of a chance meeting with an old friend, Yossi wondered aloud if he was dull. He said some other stuff, but we must've dozed off....

We woke up just in time for a little Country Yossi music with "Make-Believe."

Later we heard "Kdai," a track from Yaakov Shwekey's new CD:

Still not satisfied? Now about some Rosh Chodesh Bentsching with Yossi's father and the latest news from Jerusalem with Dov Shurin and now we're talking!

 And don't forget to take advantage of our special Shvat offer, as mentioned below!