The Country Yossi Show 20120306

March 6, 2012

Tonight's Country Yossi Show is brought to you by the letter פ, or in English, the letter "P."

"P" is for Pre-Purim, which is the theme of tonight's broadcast. "P" is also for Political, as in the political shtik in at the top of tonight's monologue and the topical comedy bits from Shimmy Shtauber and Larry Gordon, and "P" is for Poking Fun, which Country Yossi did to himself and Heshy during the rest of the show's opening banter.

We also heard the rare Yiddish version of Country Yossi and the Shteeble-Hoppers' "The Cholent Song."

And among  tonight's in-demand grand prizes was a copy of Rabbi Yehuda Winzelberg's spectacular new book:
Explore the beauty of Shabbos, from beginning to end, with ideas based on the Mishnah Brurah and other eminent Torah and Halachic classics. Complete with full length musical CD. We also had tickets for the "A Jewish Star" international singing competion, which Country Yossi will be emceeing.  Join him and  judges Avraham Fried, Mendy Pellin, Eli Gerstner and Yossi Green for a one of a kind concert at Brooklyn College on March 19th, which will feature performances by all the semi finalists before both the adult and child winner will be named. Learn more at

And what Country Yossi Show would be complete without a visit from Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel? Certainly not this one!

Until we meet again, a freilichen Purim to you and yours. Please celebrate responsibly. We need every listener we can get!