The Country Yossi Show 20120320

March 20, 2012

Country Yossi kicked things off tonight with a brief recap of yesterday's "A Jewish Star" international singing competion.

Next, he waxed eloquent with tips on shopping and financial planning, reviewed his checkered employment history, and gave us the business about business.

Then it was time for a little Country Yossi Music, for all your pre-Pesach needs: "The Little Old Lady Named Pessy Deena."

After that, Rabbi Avrumy Jordan from the Gateways Organization checked in to tell us what they have in store for their Gateways Pesach Retreat · Friday, April 6th - Motzei Shabbos April 14th 2012 · Hilton Hotel, Stamford, CT. Learn more at

Dov Shurin had the nerve to show his face and deliver the latest news from Israel, this time from Boro Park.

And finally, Country Yossi took a moment to remind us about the fine work Beth Shifra is doing to make sure everyone has a chance to celebrate Pesach, and how you can help. Find out more at

We also got another taste of the title track of Yaakov Shwekey's new CD, Cry No More.

And if radio had pictures, it would look like this:


And in between all of that we managed to squeeze in some of your calls, and crown some Grand Prize Winners!

And speaking of Pesach, next week is the annual Country Yossi Show pre-Pesach spectacular, where we turn the (chometz-free) tables and let you ask the shailes, provided they're about Pesadich drugs, cosmetics, foods and housewares.