The Country Yossi Show 20120417

April 17, 2012

Country and Heshy kicked off tonight's show with some Pesach memories and some witty observations on tax time and idiocy.

Then, it was a quick segue to a Country Yossi cover: Lev Tahor's a capella recording of "Deaf Man In The Shteeble."

Next, it was onto your phone calls to see if any Grand Prize Winners were hiding there.

Later, while Dov Shurin did his afikoman impression (he had a very good excuse, as you'll hear), a little more a capella music: The Yeshiva Boys Choir's "Ah Ah Ah (Ashrei)."

Without further ado (exactly what is "ado," and why shouldn't we have any more of it?), we heard the latest news from Israel with Dov Shurin. And what month would be complete without Rosh Chodesh Bentsching with Yossi's father, Chaim Toiv?