The Country Yossi Show 20120501

May 1, 2012

Tonight things got a little schticky as Country and Heshy joked about gardening, girls, growing up and golfing.

Then a little sefira-friendly a capella music from AKA Pella, and the world premiere of their own version of 8th Day's "Ya'alili," which is completely and totally insane, from their brand new CD:

Shortly thereafter, from The Yeshiva Boys Choir's latest album, we heard "Yiram".

Then a little visit with Dov Shurin and the latest news from Israel, and a chat with CD Eichler with all the details about the release of AKA Pella's new CD.

That, plus some Grand Prizes being handed out, and it sounds like a fine way to spend an evening, no?