The Country Yossi Show 20130218

February 18, 2013

First things first: Country Yossi's always hilarious Purim issue hit the streets recently!  This year's National Yenta Purim parody has the Jewish Music industry in a tizzy! Check it out for yourselves:


Meanwhile, back on the radio: If you thought your apartment was bad, you've got nothing on Yossi! And not only that, it's The Economy, Stupid!

Next, we had our weekly dose of Country Yossi Music: "Sholom Ber."

Then the shailes came. Will Grand Prize Winners follow? I can't reveal that, but I can say, as a topical tribute to one of tonight's callers, we had some bonus Country Yossi music: "The Little Old Lady Named Pessy Deena."

After that, we heard from a little old man named Dov Shurin with the latest news from Israel.

And what would an Erev Purim show be without a few Purim Shailes? We had some, so we'll never know!

Finally, before we knew it, the show vanished faster than a plate of Hamantaschen.

A Freilichin Purim to you and yours! We''ll see you in seven days.