The Country Yossi Show 20131028

October 28, 2013

You may not be able to bank on your bank, but you can always count on Country Yossi and Heshy "The Wonder-Child" Walfish to give you a laugh on The Country Yossi Show, the show for Zev Brenner fans who turn the radio on too early. Tonight, the boys bantered about banking.

Sorry, the show wasn't over yet, but the wedding was, as "Mitzvah Dance (The Wedding's Over)" was our Country Yossi Musical selection.

Then came the shailes. And we thought we sprayed to get rid of those!

It's the home stretch in the race for City Council, and candidate David Storobin checked in to tell us more.
And then some more shailes, including the biggest shaile of all: who calls in the with the latest news from Israel? It's Dov Shurin! (Speaking of things we thought we sprayed for!)
Can't go a week without shailes? Play The Country Yossi Show Home Version with a copy of Rabbi Moshe Atik's Torah Teasers.
See you next Monday!