The Country Yossi Show 20140304

March 4, 2014

Welcome back after three weeks! Did you miss us? No? We don't blame you.

Country Yossi and Heshy "The Wonder Child" Walfish got back into the swing of things by speaking of public speaking, and Yossi's tough old neighborhood.

Then a little Country Yossi Music: "The Little Old Lady Named Pessy Deena."
Don't forget, as we've mentioned in previous posts, Kivi & Tuki Vol 6 Count Your Blessings and the Country Yossi Family Magazine spectacular Purim Issue both hit the streets this Friday!

We heard a sneak preview of the new Birchos Avicha CD and MP3 Album by Asher Barkin and L.Y.D. Orchestra

As regular as clockwork (thanks to the Metamucil), Dov Shurin checked in with the latest news from Israel.

And we re-visited the debut CD by Dovid Moskovits, Shalom.

Now, is there anything we're forgetting.... oh, yeah! Your calls! Well, you can't have everything. Better luck next week!

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